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//Assistant director and a performer

//Aðstoðarleikstjóri og performer

Hluti af starfsnámi mínu hjá danska listahópnum Hotel Pro Forma,

febrúar-júní 2015


Um verkið:

“We think ourselves to be unique and inviolate, but in reality we change all the time according to our social context. So what defines our identity?” - Julian Maynard Smith

In 2013, the British stage director Julian Maynard Smith opened The Metropolis Festival with the monumental piece ‘Dominoes’ where thousands of dominoes fell through all of Copenhagen. Now he is back as the artist-in-residence at Atelier Hotel Pro Forma. This evening Julian will present the first stage in the development of his current project THE APARTMENT.

THE APARTMENT is a combination of live performance and video projection, which investigates how people influence our identity and the understanding of ourselves as individuals. In THE APARTMENT several performers occupy the same space. It is no longer a question of who is who, but how their identities blend together.


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