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Independent Party People, 1st edition



UPCOMING: September 2019 the performance will be developed into a full-scale production supported by the Icelandic Performance Art Fund


Premiered in Mengi, Reykjavík 25th of August, 2018
Duration: 40min

From the report of the Prime Ministry of Iceland, march 2008:
The basis for Iceland’s marketing

Iceland’s Image: Strength, status and policy

“Iceland is a country in process. Its peoples posses a natural power that has developed in cohabitation with rough and rich nature. It is important to insure that Iceland stays “the best in the world” - a country that provides it’s nation the best quality of life possible. Research have shown the importance of an image for a nation’s economy, survival and competitiveness. Image can be built on facts, speculation or even delusions. A successful image building needs to be based on characteristic features of land and nation, that are true or “authentic” and have deep roots. The committee suggests that in creating Iceland’s image there will be an emphasis on a positive and strong image of people, economic life, culture and nature. Iceland’s image can be defined as a collection of attitudes, emotions and experiences that Icelanders and others have about the country
and the nation. Icelanders are hard working, bold and resourceful. They are free-spirited children of nature and have a strong sense of independence. An independent thought and behavior is noticeable amongst the Icelanders, where each person is important within small population. Bjartur from Sumarhús (Independent People - Laxness) still lives within every person.”

Work in progress by Sálufélagar/Soulmates
Authors and performers: Nína Hjálmarsdóttir and Selma Reynisdóttir
Dramaturg: Pétur Ármannsson"Kleina" design: Anton Logi Ólafsson
Funded by the city of Reykjavík


Please contact for link to video

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