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Guess who's coming


Authors and performers: Andrea Vilhjálmsdóttir, Haukur Valdimar Pálsson, Jóhann Kristófer Stefánsson, Kolfinna Nikulásardóttir and Nína Hjálmarsdóttir.


The projects goals were working as a group to make a work from the courses material. That is to work with the interaction of body, space and time to expression.


Our inspiration came from our thoughts about icelandic society. Peoples tendency to fix things temporarily instead of terminally - to only put a napkin over a spill. The kind of thinking that led Iceland to its financhial crisis in 2008. The lies that we think are a rotten foundation for the society, for example when it comes to large scale industry instead of nature's preservation and the government's action of reducing our financial help for third world countries.


We wanted to leave as much space for interpretation as possible. The only signs of the performance ideology was the Icelandic flag, a common picture in our grandparents living room "God bless home" (which ironically fell down during the performance), television's sign "Intermission" and a certificate that we are supporting a child in Africa.


At the end of the performance we cleared the food and sat among audiences, inviting them to sit down at the table and enjoy an ice-cream flower.


After a week of thoughts and lie-training we created characters and a table-routine to an informal construction, that resulted in us making the rule "no using lies we've said before" and therefore the text and the lies was solely improvisation.


After a messy dinner party like this, who wants a desert?

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